Special order - Planter to fit a small space


Geometric planter - made to commission. The overhead profile is oval as the intended shelf was not too deep but we still wanted impact.


Here it is being planted up by nearby florists Bramble and Wild.


This was made from hand-rolled slabs using red earthenware. Three coats of white slip are painted on and then I decorated with powder and underglaze colours using paper stencils and a Chinese brush. There is also a hint of the sgrafitto area on the right, this is when you draw through the colour (with a stylus) to reveal the white slip underneath creating a negative image which balances out the hand painted areas.

Now you know all my secrets!

I usually have a selection of studio ware in OWL, 33 Catherine Hill, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BY and am always happy to discuss special orders.